Adding A Pre-cleanser To Your Routine

Woman applying a pre-cleanser

You may feel as though your skincare routine is already on point, but if you’re not using a pre-cleanser, there may be some room for improvement. So what exactly is it? Essentially, it’s the first step in the two-part double cleanse involving a cleansing oil as the first part and a water-based cleanser for the second. It probably sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, and while it only takes a little extra time, using a pre-cleanser can have quite a few benefits.

It Can Provide a Better Clean
The pre-cleanse involves using a product that can help you remove sunscreen, makeup, sebum, and other build-up that can be hard to remove, so when you get to the step where you use the cleanser, you’re more likely to actually take off a good portion of the remnants that are left on your skin. Consider it like you’re giving your skin a full cleanse rather than just half by only using the cleanser.

You Remove Stubborn Products
Sunscreen is meant to protect you as long as possible and makeup – especially waterproof – is meant to stay on your face throughout the day, so it’s not as simple as just washing your skin with a little water to remove it all. Doing a pre-cleanse with a cleansing oil, which can basically help to clean off the build-up without clogging pores, can be extra helpful for removing the stubborn products that can contribute to breakouts and a variety of other unpleasant skin issues when they’re not properly removed.

You Could Help Reduce Breakouts
The cleaner the skin, the less likely it is that you’re going to deal with breakouts. Considering using a pre-cleanser can better help you clean your face, it’s less gunk that’s going to remain on your skin which is especially important at night when the skin works to restore and repair itself. Doing a pre-cleanse could just result in you noticing a positive change in your skin in that you might experience fewer breakouts.

It’s Relaxing
When you’re using your pre-cleanser, you’re not just going to slap it on your face, wash it off quickly, and move on. You should take the time to massage it in going in small circles all over your face. It can be a very relaxing experience, especially at the end of a long day and even more so if you have a headache. When you do it the right way, a seemingly simple face wash can be quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Now that you know a little more about how a pre-cleanser could benefit you, it may be time to look into giving it a try. Keep in mind if you have acne-prone skin or any other skin issues or conditions, it’s best if you speak to your dermatologist before switching up your routine, techniques, or products. Additionally, regardless of your skin type, it can be advantageous to do a patch test first before using a new pre-cleanser all over your face to ensure that your skin and the product are compatible and you won’t have a negative reaction.

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