7 Steps to Healthy Glowing Skin

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Having flawless, supple skin that looks like it has been lit from within is #beautygoals for pretty much every woman today.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of essential skin care tips that will help you achieve that gorgeous, glass-like complexion straight out of beauty ads.

From deep cleansing to finishing makeup touches – here is the essential guide on how to get skin that will radiate.

Double Up on Cleansing

When it comes to building an effective skin care routine, first thing’s first: you have to cleanse it – thoroughly.

Purging your skin from makeup, dirt and excess sebum should be the foundation of your beauty regimen, as this step ensures you have a clean canvas for laying the rest of your products.

However, as tempted as you are to just grab the cheapest drugstore-brand cleanser, you should keep in mind that getting your skin rid of all those impurities isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation.

Your ideal cleansing product will largely depend on your skin’s needs. Today, there is a variety of skin cleansers manufactured in different formulas, each suited for different skin type.

These are the most common ones you’ll find:

  • Cleansing oils and balms
  • Jelly and milk cleansers
  • Foam cleansers
  • Micellar water

Cleansing oils and balms are incredibly powerful in dislodging makeup and dirt that accumulates on your face. When it comes to removal of high coverage foundations or waterproof mascaras, cleansing oils and balms are pretty much unrivaled. Moreover, due to their hydrating formula, they won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

Jelly and milk cleansers are less thick in consistency, but still hold hydrating powers, making them the ideal day-to-day cleansing product for people with dry skin.

On the other hand, foam cleansers are generally favored by people with oily skin, as they have the power to wash away all the pollutants without adding to naturally-produced sebum in the skin.

Micellar water is one of those all-magic products that can be used by people of all skin types. Due to its gentle formula, this is a great option for people with sensitive, irritation-prone skin. Despite its delicate properties, micellar water is still effective in removing all the pollutants from your skin.

If you really want to elevate your skin-purifying routine, you might want to try out the increasingly popular double cleansing method.

This technique is especially beneficial for women who tend to wear a lot of makeup on a day-to-day basis.

Double cleansing involves thoroughly removing your makeup with one heavy-duty cleanser, then following it up with a milder formula to wipe off any leftover dirt and product on your skin.

Set the Tone(r)

The second part of the well-known “cleanse-tone-moisturize” skin care mantra often gets overlooked.

And that’s completely understandable. Some people still have aversion to toners, since they tend to be associated with those outdated alcohol-laden formulas that didn’t do much else other than drying out your skin and causing even more breakouts.

However, toning game has been completely transformed in recent years.

Taking cues from the world of Asian beauty, modern toners have evolved into products with balancing and hydrating properties, which can be used by all skin types.

apply toner to cotton pad

By introducing one into your everyday beauty regimen, not only will you be able to remove the rest of the dirt and excess oil that has accumulated on your face, you will also refine your complexion and prep your skin for the follow-up products.

Try Out Active Ingredients

In recent years, active ingredients have been hailed as the ultimate game changers when it comes to skin care.

And it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the hype is justified.

If you’re not quite sure what these ingredients entail or how to use them, we’ll explain them in little more detail.

In skin care circles, the following are usually referred to as “actives”:

They work their magic by breaking down dead skin cells and promoting growth of new skin underneath. As a result, these all-powerful ingredients can completely transform your skin – from reducing fine lines, to minimizing the appearance of pores and fading signs of hyperpigmentation.

The only trick is to use them correctly.

For reducing signs of aging and boosting the overall appearance of you skin, go for AHAs like lactic and glycolic acid.

If you’re combating clogged pores, acne and blackheads, then BHAs like salicylic acid might be the best fit for you.

Vitamin C is potent in reducing scars and dark spots, so serums and spot treatments enriched with this ingredient will be beneficial for people who suffer from hyperpigmentation.

Also, keep in mind that most actives tend to be photo-sensitive, so it’s advised to follow them up with high-SPF sunscreen if you plan on applying them as part of your AM routine.

Indulge in Serums

Perhaps you’ve already heard how serums can do wonders for your skin, but you are still left with so many questions.

What are they, exactly? How are they different from moisturizers? How do you apply them? Where are they supposed to go in the wider skin care routine?

To make things easier, you can think of serums as concentrated versions of moisturizers.

They are usually packed with all kinds of skin-pepping ingredients like vitamins, hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Serums are also composed of tiny molecules, which means they can effectively penetrate deep into your skin cells.

That’s why they have become an essential step in every though-out beauty regimen.

Still, not all serums are the same, and before you purchase one, you should consider what kind of goal you’d like your product to achieve.

To fight off signs of premature aging and achieve youthful-looking skin, try keeping your eye out for ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

If your skin is acne-prone, you may benefit from a salicylic acid-enriched serum, which can gently exfoliate your skin and help promote a new, clear layer.

Lock in the Moisture

A good moisturizer is the crown jewel of every well thought-out skin care routine.

Vine Vera 7 steps to healthy glowing skin moisturizer

That’s why it’s important to choose one that will benefit your skin the most.

Much like with other skin care products, the first step to selecting your ideal moisturizer is to determine is your skin type.

If your skin gravitates towards oily, you might feel like extra moisture is the last thing you need. However, this is one of the biggest skin care misconceptions: even skin that produces excess sebum can get dehydrated and look sullen as a result.

The solution is to look for lightweight, water-packed moisturizers that will replenish your skin with moisture without clogging up your pores and causing pimples.

If you’re not sure how that translates to products currently lining drugstore shelves, look for alcohol and silicone-free formulas with water-based textures.

On the other hand, if your skin is dry and has a tendency to develop rough patches, you should go for formulas that contain emollient agents (e.g. ceramides) that will help heal the cracks in your skin and accelerate its recovery.

When choosing moisturizers for dry skin, you should also look for occlusives, such as cocoa butter or petroleum jelly, as they have the power to form a protective barrier on your skin and help secure the moisture.

Some people have combination skin, meaning different parts of their face experience different issues and texture. In most cases, this includes an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, sometimes chin) and dryness on the cheeks.

In this case, you might want to invest in two different types of moisturizers to maximize on their respective benefits for your skin.

And in case you need a jolt of moisture throughout the day, be sure to invest in a refreshing face mist, which you can slip into your hand bag and spritz over your face whenever your skin feels parched (even over makeup)!

Build a Nighttime Routine

The best time to treat your skin with a nourishing regimen is right before bedtime, so all the products can work their magic while you drift off to sleep.

Moreover, you are more likely to have more time for an elaborate regimen in the evening rather than in the AM, when most of us are rushing to go to work.

Finally, evening skincare allows you to slather your face with slightly heavier products that might not mesh well with daytime makeup.

Evenings are the perfect time to take the day off with a thick oil or balm cleanser. As mentioned before, these products can break down even the most stubborn makeup, like highly pigmented mascaras and long-wearing lipsticks.

If you’ve had a long day, you might want to show some loving to your under eye area by treating it with a nourishing eye cream that will help brighten and perk up delicate skin.

What’s more, if you do this step, you will minimize the risk of waking up with full-on eye bags the next day.

The pinnacle of nighttime self care has to be the good, old face mask.  These can be applied and left to work their magic while you read a chapter in a book or watch an episode of your favorite TV show.

woman applying mask

If you suffer from blackheads and enlarged pores, you might want to try a clay mask. This powerful nature-derived ingredient will suck out all the dirt and excess sebum from your pores and leave it with a clean, smooth feel.

On the other hand, if you want to amp up the moisture in your cells, then pamper your skin with a sheet mask.

Just slap one on for about 15-20 minutes while you’re doing something else, and this revolutionary product will noticeably perk up your skin.

You can complete your PM routine with a night cream; however, if want to go the whole nine yards, apply a sleeping pack instead. This increasingly popular beauty product is effective in renewing skin cells and will undoubtedly make your look fresher than ever when you wake up.

Fake It ‘Till You Make It

It’s no secret that you have to play the long game in order to achieve beautiful, luminous skin.

Oftentimes, it will take weeks (or even months) before you can start noticing the first visible results of a dedicated beauty regimen.

Even after you’ve reached the desired goal, you’ll still encounter those rare days when your skin simply won’t cooperate with you.

And that’s completely fine!

There are still ways through which you can emulate that gorgeous, radiant look using only a couple of makeup tricks.

First off, prime your skin with a strobing cream, focusing the application on the highlights of your face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow).

This will bring out that subtle glow from underneath your base layer.

Follow up your primer with a hydrating foundation; look for water-based formulas with a dewy finish. For an even more natural look, swap the foundation for a BB or CC cream or even a pump of tinted moisturizer. This will give you a lovely satin finish and a skin-like feel.

Finally, if you feel like your skin is still in need of glow, you can accentuate your high points with a touch of highlighter. Go for powder formulas if you want a more defined shimmer or creams and liquids if you prefer a more understated effect.

Now that you know all about the hottest skin care tricks and techniques, we hope that the dream of having smooth and flaw-free skin doesn’t look so distant anymore. With a well-planned beauty regimen and a little bit of persistence, we are sure you will start to notice beautiful skin emerging in no time.

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