vine vera banner presents What To Expect From A Medspa

A medical spa, which can also go by the nickname of “medspa,” is—as the name suggests—a combination of sorts between a doctor’s office and a spa. Under the supervision of a licensed doctor, medspas offer procedures that are done in a calming spa-like environment that’s designed to relax you. Some[…]

What To Expect From A Medspa

Woman touching her face

Since we started learning about skin care from a young age, pores have been a big part of the conversation, and over time, we’ve heard a lot of helpful information regarding caring for them and keeping them clean. This is in addition to coming across some tidbits of fiction that[…]

Pores: Fact and Fiction

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It’s important that we take excellent care of our skin, but with everything it encounters on a daily basis, that’s not necessarily going to be easy. There are several ways that your skin could get irritated where you might experience redness, dryness, or itchiness for starters. The good news is[…]

Avoiding Common Skin Irritants