Vine Vera Humectants For Your Skin

You’ve probably heard of the term “humectants” before in relation to skin care, and they actually play an important role in regards to keeping your skin healthy and happy. They can help combat issues such as dullness and, in turn, could lead to skin that looks more youthful, hydrated, and[…]

Humectants For Your Skin

woman with back in the mirror

Having body acne isn’t exactly the most pleasant of experiences. Not only can it be painful and uncomfortable, but you may feel embarrassed and self-conscious. Did we also mention it can be frustrating? It’s easy to panic and think that it’s something you’re never going to get rid of, but[…]

Tips for Treating Body Acne


You wake up in the morning, make your way over to the mirror, and see that you’re experiencing some puffiness. Don’t worry, because there are certain things you can do to reduce the puffiness before you leave the house as well as more that you can do to help prevent[…]

Reducing Morning Puffiness