Woman applying cleanser and cleansing her face in the bathroom

If you’re serious about taking good care of your skin, then more than likely you’ve already incorporated exfoliation into a regular skin care routine. You may also be aware that to get the best results, you need to go beyond the basic fruity face scrub to exfoliate deeply and penetrate[…]

How to Choose Your AHAs and BHAs

Woman touching face in bathroom mirror

Enlarged pores are one of the most common skin complaints out there, and can be quite difficult to treat.  Wondering what causes enlarged pores, as well as what you can do about them? Here is everything you need to know to get yourself back on track for that smooth and[…]

What Are Enlarged Pores?

Happy woman using moisturiser on face, with a red towel wrapped around her head

Humectants are a group of substances that have the unique ability to draw in, and hold on to, moisture from the air. This means that, when applied to the skin, humectants can make a huge difference in keeping the skin moisturized, leaving it instantly softer and more supple.  While there[…]

7 Humectants for Soft, Glowing Skin