Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Eye Cream


Your eyes are the windows to your inner beauty, but they can also be the first to blurt out your age. Often times, the signs of aging first appear around the eye area, which is why it is so important to use a delicate, yet hydrating formula to replace the signs of tiredness and stress with dazzling beauty.

The Vine Vera Moscato Resveratrol Sensitive Skin Eye Cream is a wake-up call for your eyes. From the very first touch, this cream presents a transformative experience that promotes a luxurious and radiant feeling for your eye area. The presence of the finest ingredients improves the appearance around your eyes, leaving it looking plumper and feeling firmer.

Apply this cream around your eyes to assist in fighting the first signs of aging and help reduce the look of dryness, dark circles and puffiness, without causing irritation or redness to your sensitive skin.


How to Use
Add a small amount of the product using your ring finger along the orbital bone and under eye area. Apply daily, after using the Moscato Resveratrol Sensitive Skin Eye Serum.

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