Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Powder


Cabernet Potency Powder


This unique powder transforms into a hydrating liquid. Formulated with Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) derivative, Green Algae (Hydrolyzed Lola Implexa Extract) and Seaweed (Alaria Esculenta Extract), this powder leaves skin radiant and beautiful.

How to Use
Sprinkle small amount of powder onto fingertips. Apply to skin. Massage in circular motions. Use no more than once a week. This product is best used with the Resveratrol High-Potency Cream.


Is this product an exfoliator?
No, it is not. This powder transforms into a liquid upon contact with skin, spreading easily across skin.

Do I have to rinse off this product?
No, there is no need. Massaging this product in circular motions will allow the product to work effectively on your skin.

How long does this product last?
This product comes in 12 bottles, at 3.05g per bottle. This typically lasts for a year — though this, of course, will vary according to personal usage.

What are the ingredients in this powder?
The full list of ingredients includes: Aqua, Silica Silylate, Glycerin, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Alaria Esculenta Extract, Butylene Glycol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Hydrolyzed Lola Implexa Extract, Lecithin, Mica, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate.

Where can I purchase this product?
Feel free to browse our products at any worldwide Vine Vera store worldwide. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase Vine Vera products from our online store.

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  1. Posted by Ms Gretchen Ann Luper, at Reply

    i don’t see a giveaway but I really want to try this product before I invest in it.

  2. Posted by doreen L, at Reply

    This sounds like an awesome product. I love how it will brighten your skin. Perhaps it will help my malasma.

  3. Posted by Bahjet Yousif, at Reply

    I like it

  4. Posted by Terry Herman, at Reply

    What a revolutionary product! I love the concept of a therapeutic powder turning into a liquid delivery system to infuse ingredient benefits into the skin. Congrats on another advancement in skincare.

  5. Posted by Suzanne G, at Reply

    This product sounds amazing and I have taken Resveratrol capsules on and off over the years. I would love to try this product some time.

  6. Posted by martina c, at Reply

    An amazing looking product, Would love to see before and after pictures for a better idea on how the product works

  7. Posted by Jerry C, at Reply

    I saw where someone was using and recommending this for treating psoriasis. My daughter has psoriasis but this costs too much for a trial treatment. Maybe I can win this and give her some relief from this ugly condition. Not to mention that it is very uncomfortable.

  8. Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

    Never heard of Resveratrol as a skin care product, love to try it!

  9. Posted by Kelly O'M, at Reply

    That looks amazing. Love the addition of Green Algae. My skin needs a good moisturizer.

  10. Posted by, at Reply

    OMG THIS IS AMAZING! I have to win! Thank you!

  11. Posted by Angela P., at Reply

    This looks awesome I’ve read a lot of wonderful things about reversatrol in the book The Alternate Day Diet by Dr. James Johnson. This stuff is supposed to be amazing . I want to win!!!!

  12. Posted by Tawney, at Reply

    Love Vine Vera Merlot collection have it all and has made a big difference in my skin. Also have the neck firming cream and nail kit all very good products that have made a big difference in my almost 60 year old skin. Would love to try the High Potency Powder hope I win this but I will try this when I have the money .

  13. Posted by Hillary, at Reply

    I so hope to win!! I have been experiencing multiple organ failures for several years now, cause still not known , which has done horrible things to my entire body, skin included. Two months ago I got the first slight improvement in my blood tests and feel so happy! Then I look at my face and realize it needs serious help if I al to look healty again! This could be the answer! I’m keeping my fingers crissed !

  14. Posted by erica weaver, at Reply


    • Posted by Vine Vera Reviews, at Reply
      Vine Vera Reviews

      Your comment is your entry into the giveaway. Be sure to provide your email so we can contact you. Winners will also be announced on our FaceBook page next Friday.

  15. Posted by Janice May Sulaiman, at Reply

    Amazing!!!i want to try it!i used a lot of different products to suit myself but til now cant find the right one…i really want to look brighter that shining…using foundations and face cream and powder but still the same…hope with the help of this #Vinevera Resveratrol High Potency Powder can make my dream come true since young…to make more beautiful, prettier, shining and brighter look for my skin….

  16. Posted by Samantha Hill, at Reply

    This looks really interesting! I would love to try and see if it would fade my hyper pigmentation

  17. Posted by Carla Ploegstra, at Reply

    This sounds like an amazing product. I like that it contains Green Algae. I have heard a lot of fascinating things about the use of it. My skin has taken a beating in the past couple of years with the need of chemo,so a product like this would be a blessing.

  18. Posted by, at Reply

    I was introduced to Vine Vera while on holiday in Las Vegas. The results are incredible.

  19. Posted by Masha, at Reply

    This sounds like an awesome product.

  20. Posted by Noura A, at Reply

    Sounds like an amazing product x

  21. Posted by Noura A, at Reply

    I have very dull skin, full time student and full time mom also reason why I lack sleep, this products seems amazing.

    ( I don’t see an giveaway enter but would feel lucky to win)

  22. Posted by Marion Gasiorek, at Reply

    I would really like to try this product. It sounds amazing.

  23. Posted by Kay, at Reply

    Soinds amazing…would like to try it.

  24. Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

    I would love ti try this promising product for my skin care. I have Rosacea, and anything that could help would be a blessing!

  25. Posted by Jennifer H., at Reply

    I’d love to have this product!

  26. Posted by John H., at Reply

    This is a really nice product and my wife would love it!

  27. Posted by mJames, at Reply

    Hi, this stuff looks neat. I already take Algae everyday in a pill form but this is different so I’d like to try it. thanks!!

  28. Posted by Stacy Odum, at Reply

    I am new to Resveratrol and looking forward to learning more about your product. It sounds very exciting. Can it only be purchased online?

    • Posted by Vine Vera Reviews, at Reply
      Vine Vera Reviews

      Hi Stacy,

      Our products are also available for purchase in our retail stores. We have several locations in California, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

  29. Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

    I’ve never heard of this before so your promotion has achieved that :-). The product sounds wonderful but definitely out of my price range, so it would be nice to win it. I am older and getting more and more interested in products that slow down aging and restore some of that youthful look

  30. Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

    I just purchased several Vine Vera products while on a trip in Las Vegas. Both my mom and I have had amazing results both around the eyes and mouth area. Love it!

  31. Posted by, at Reply

    I just started using a few of these items and so far I love it. I’m a single mother and would absolutely love to win this contst.

  32. Posted by Sarah B., at Reply

    Whaaaat? This product sounds incredibly interesting! Powder that liquefies, really wanna try!

    I already enjoy the health benefits of a daily resveratrol supplement pill, but never thought about it for skincare. Neat!

  33. Posted by Karina Scheers, at Reply


  34. Posted by Lucy Black, at Reply

    Wow, I would love to try this product. My skin could use some more hydration and I’ve heard good things about resveratrol. Thanks for the video and also for the chance to win! 😀

  35. Posted by N. Kim, at Reply

    This new product looks very promising. My skin could use extra hydration.

  36. Posted by georgia, at Reply

    Just tried the eye collection. Really impressed with how it works

  37. Posted by Debbie, at Reply

    I never win anything but I’m willing to give it a try. I have been dying to try vine vera products and this looks this is an extraordinary product. Maybe this would help brighten up my dull skin

  38. Posted by Lexus, at Reply

    This product looks amazing! I think this product would be great for my skin. I’ve had acne problems since I was 13 and I am now 17. As a highschooler it’s not easy to deal with acne. I’m embarrassed all the time, but ever since I found Vine Vera it’s helped me overcome my issue. I believe that taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do. By having this new coming product I think this will be beneficial for both others and myself. Keep up the good work Vine Vera!

  39. Posted by Anonymous, at Reply


  40. Posted by Divya Asha, at Reply

    They come in cute little bottles 🙂
    This product has very good ingredients and I’m sure it will do wonders.

  41. Posted by Ellen Watkins, at Reply

    I love that this powder fights inflammation and reduces harmful free radicals in your skin. It seems to be a mighty powder in a small bottle!

  42. Posted by Mary, at Reply

    I think I need this product in my life! It sounds amazing & just what my skin needs!!

  43. Posted by suzannah dorr, at Reply

    Thank you so much for your review!!!

  44. Posted by Sharon Siqueiros, at Reply

    Wow, this is amazing! I’d love to try this

  45. Posted by Anna Kushnir, at Reply

    Very soft, gentle and supported line. I started with Vine Vera 15 days ago and regret that didn’t start a couple years ago.

  46. Posted by melanie, at Reply

    would love to try all

  47. Posted by M.Clark, at Reply

    This is a very interesting product, the powder to liquid action sounds fascinating. I’d love to give this a try, thank you for sharing this review.

  48. Posted by doreen Lamoureux, at Reply

    I love products that contain green algae. Must give this a try.

  49. Posted by Jantima Frech, at Reply

    Sounds interesting . Would like to try the High-Potency Powder!

  50. Posted by Rust, at Reply

    A powder that turns into a liquid as you apply it — sounds fascinating! Hydration is what I am looking for. I’d love to give it a try!

  51. Posted by Patricia, at Reply

    Would love to try before I buy, looks really good though

  52. Posted by Anita Duvall, at Reply

    Oh this sounds magical. I would love to try this one for sure!

  53. Posted by Jennifer Herman, at Reply

    I find it fascinating the it changes from a powder to a liquid – It’s like magic!

  54. Posted by John Herman, at Reply

    I didn’t know that Green Algae has so benefits like, fighting inflammation and reducing harmful free radicals,

  55. Posted by lori gordon, at Reply

    oh how i would love to win this, my skin is so dry and yucky ………want to look young again 🙁

  56. Posted by lori gordon, at Reply

    oh how i would love to win your products and look young again and my byfriend would see that

  57. Posted by Lisa Hart, at Reply

    Very informative, Id give it a try.

  58. Posted by gina, at Reply

    This sounds truly unique and intriguing , I would be interested in trying these products.

  59. Posted by Cynthia, at Reply

    Great presentation. I really want to try these skincare products

  60. Posted by ellen casper, at Reply

    I like that this product offers nutritive benefits for your skin – sounds like a great product,

  61. Posted by Julia Phan, at Reply

    Good product. I have sensitive skin, but it works very well .

  62. Posted by Marissa Lynette, at Reply

    At these prices I need to get my hands on a sample!!

  63. Posted by Tammora, at Reply

    I would like to try this product.It sounds like it has really good review from ot.hers

  64. Posted by Nancy Montgomery, at Reply

    Fascinating! Would love to try this.

  65. Posted by Jasmine P, at Reply

    I would love to try this!

  66. Posted by Laura, at Reply

    I love this video.and the product never seen such results.i love it

  67. Posted by Masha, at Reply

    I would like to try

  68. Posted by Marnie G, at Reply

    This product is so neat! Its very cool that it turns from a powder into a liquid/cream. I like that it contains green algae — that is an ancient beauty secret ingredient from Asia. This product line sounds amazing!