Craving beautiful salon quality nails that look elegant and polished? Vine Vera has you covered with our indulgent Manicure Set. Follow the instructions for gorgeous, salon quality nails wherever you are. How to Use File nails in a single direction, shaping nails to desired length and shape. Remove any ridges[…]

Manicure Set


Stop searching for a quality body cream, Vine Vera’s Body Cream brings you everything you need to enjoy softer and more radiant looking skin. The Vine Vera Body Cream suits people with all types of skin, allowing all to indulge in a creamy collection of nutrients, natural oils and resveratrol.[…]

Body Cream


Exfoliation is an essential aspect of any skin care regimen to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt that accumulates on skin. Vine Vera’s Salt Scrub helps leave your skin with an extraordinary smooth feeling. So enjoy the most indulgent exfoliation yet and meet younger looking skin after each[…]

Salt Scrub


Thick, creamy and ready to shower some love to your tired feet, our Foot Cream allows you to indulge in a foot-loving combination of ingredients. Leave your depressed feet feeling touchably smooth and silky soft. From head to toe, Vine Vera has you covered. How to Use Apply to clean[…]

Foot Cream


Don’t just pamper your facial skin, show your body some love as well with Vine Vera’s Intensive Shea Body Butter. Infused with moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba oil, the Intensive Shea Body Butter is the perfect way of showing your body that you care. The[…]

Intensive Shea Body Butter


Our Vine Vera Travel Hand Cream is a must have for any modern day traveler. The non-greasy formula leaves hands with a refreshed and rejuvenated feel. Help remove the appearance of stress and tiredness from your hands upon application. The only thing you’re left with is a delicate scent and[…]

Travel Hand Cream