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Take care of your skin pre-workout and post-workout

We’ve all heard that exercise is important for our health, but did you know that exercise can also dramatically improve the quality of our skin? Maintaining an active lifestyle helps to slow the aging process, clears the body of harmful toxins, and so much more. While regular physical fitness should be a critical part of your beauty routine, there’s more you should know. Unfortunately, many men and women fail to properly care for their skin before and after exercising, which can greatly reduce or even override the benefits for the skin.  That’s why we’ve created this fitness skincare guide to provide you with everything you need to know to make the most out of your workout.

Wearing makeup on a run, at the gym, or during any other vigorous exercise not only looks silly, it’s also bad for your skin. The pores can easily become clogged, leading to breakouts. Whether you exercise at the gym or outdoorsTaking off foundation and eye makeup allows the skin to breathe and for sweat to flow naturally. Sweating rids the body of pollutants, bacteria, and other toxins that get trapped in the skin throughout the day. Trust us, removing your makeup prior to workout is worth the extra minute or two.

Even if you’re already makeup free, cleansing the skin pre-workout is a must no matter what time of day you are exercising. During the day you’re exposed to a variety of toxins in the environment, such as dust, pollutants, bacteria, and more. At night your skin experiences stresses as well because it is busy regenerating itself: balancing oil production and expelling impurities. Cleansing Kit includes Milk Cleanser and Radiance TonerIt is very important to clear all of this away before you begin to sweat. The Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Cleansing Kit is the perfect pre-workout companion. Along with the Milk Cleanser, the kit includes a Radiance Toner which is great for minimizing oil and keeping the skin dry. First use the Milk Cleanser to clean out the pores than use a cotton ball or wipe to distribute the Radiance Toner across your face.

Skin loses water during exercise through sweat so it very important to rehydrate your body and your skin. Some people drink plain old water, others love Gatorade and those who want to replenish electrolytes the natural way swear by coconut water. We think that as long as you are keeping yourself hydrated it is great. But don’t forget that your skin needs attention also. While drinking water is very important for the skin it is also essential to moisturize. The Resveratrol Malbec DNA Re-defying Cream is perfect to use before a sweat session.Malbec DNA Redefying Cream will change your skin for the better! This cream is ultra-lightweight so you don’t feel greasy during your workout and at the same time it is super moisturizing.

Before beginning any physical activity consider your wardrobe. Of course there are safety considerations to keep in mind, for example if you are biking you shouldn’t wear loose clothing or it can get caught in the wheel spokes. But beyond safety issues, you should take your clothing choices into consideration to protect the skin.

Before beginning any physical activity consider your wardrobe. Of course there are safety considerations to keep in mind, for example if you are biking you shouldn’t wear loose clothing or it can get caught in the wheel spokes. But beyond safety issues you should take your clothing choices into consideration to protect the skin. Be mindful that tight fitting synthetic materials can prevent the skin from breathing, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and breakouts. For the same reason, especially if you are doing any type of cardio, choose apparel that is “dry-fit” or sweat wicking, to keep your sweat from soaking your clothes. Once your workout is complete, be sure to change into dry clothes. Also be careful with head gear; headbands and other head coverings can cause breakouts because they absorb your sweat allowing bacteria to grow.

Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel assists skin in cellular regeneration revealing beautiful new skinThe gym is a great place to work up a sweat, but being a shared space, the gym can also be great place to spread germs. Be sure to avoid touching your face while handling exercise equipment to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus. This will not only help to prevent illness, but will also keep bacteria out of your pores; the main cause of acne. Since you can’t count on everyone to be mindful enough to clean up after themselves, wiping down shared equipment is the best way to protect yourself. We recommend keeping anti-bacterial wipes in your gym bag in case you need to give the dumbbells or Elliptical handle bars a quick swipe.

Now that you’re done with your exercise for the day you should move on to your post workout routine. Besides making sure you stretch your muscles you still need to do some skin care steps. We already told you how important it is to cleanse pre-workout but it is just as important to do it post-workout. Neither of these steps is negotiable; you must cleanse before AND after. After a hike, boot camp or mud run, a regular cleanser might not be enough. The Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel will allow you to exfoliate away the dirt, oil, and toxins from under the surface of the skin without irritation. It is perfect way to get rid of all those toxins that were secreted in your sweat.

As always, after cleaning it is vital to moisturize. After a fitness fest it is best to use a moisturizer with redness reducer. The Resveratrol Zinfandel Radiance Cream fits the bill perfectly. As the name implies, this cream is made to boost skin’s radiance. Resveratrol Zinfandel Radiance CreamIt helps to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots and redness. This cream partnered with a post workout glow will leave you incandescent skin.

If you plan on reapplying your makeup, give your skin time to cool down first. This will ensure that your makeup sets properly and that you don’t irritate your skin.

Follow our formula pre and post fitness and you will be left with fabulous skin! Got more ideas for pre and post workout skincare? Tell us in the comments.

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      Vine Vera

      Hi Heather! In general, we suggest using the peel no more than once or twice a week. Depending on your skin type, you may be able to use the product more or less. Oily skin types for example may find it beneficial to use the peel after each workout.

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      Hi Gayle. Thank you for your question. Which product are you referring to?

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