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In the 16th century Ponce de Leon set out on a voyage in search of the mythical Fountain of Youth. He never found it, but centuries later we are still searching. Cosmetic companies all over the world have been working to create a formula for youth in their labs. Many ingredients have been touted as anti-aging miracles only to fade in popularity due to a lack of evidence of their effectiveness. In the 90s the “French Paradox” became a 

The structure of Resveratrol

subject of investigation in the search for capturing youth. The French Paradox refers to the observation that French people have a relatively low level and of heart disease and longer lives even though their lifestyle choices seem contradictory. A recent study by Purdue University suggested that the secret is in red wine. Studies like this inspired the creators of VineVera to do further research into benefits of red wine.  The whole line of VineVera cosmetics is inspired by Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant derived from wine which is essential to any skin care regime with anti-aging requirements. There has been considerable amounts of scientific data confirming Resveratrol’s anti-aging effects. Benefits of Resveratrol include stimulation of collagen production, anti-inflammatory effects, support of capillary and overall skin health. Resveratrol is a strong antioxidant and free-radical fighter. Free-radicals are dangerous to skin – causing cells to function poorly of even die. Resveratrol’s ability to neutralize these awful attackers is essential to keep skin looking young. 

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VineVera developers blended Resveratrol with other top tier ingredients to maximize anti-aging benefits. Our 11 skin care collections are each tailored to your specific needs with a focus creating youthful results. Our most popular collections, Merlot and Vitamin C, are perfect for all skin types and designed to be used on a regular basis. The Cabernet line merges Resveratrol with Algae and vitamins to assist with dry skin. Pinot Noir is usually recommended for younger clients to help preserve natural glow and give the skin radiance. Chianti line is best for dull skin to give it a beautiful glow. Zinfandel offers stronger anti-aging results to even skin tone and reduce aging. Malbec DNA and Shiraz Instalift collections offer our strongest anti-aging benefits for lifting and firming effects. And our Men’s and Sauvignon Blanc collections focus on often overlooked areas of skin care. The Men’s Collection, as it sounds, was created for men – with products to eliminate razor burn and post shave irritation and also to give soft, hydrated, younger looking skin. While Sauvignon Blanc focuses on the chin and neck, which somehow usually manage to escape the skin care regimen.